I'm an XR designer and technical artist with a passion for creating immersive storytelling experiences using cutting-edge technology. By combining interaction design principles with my unique artistic style, I aim to create sensory experiences that provoke deep introspection.

    Currently, I'm pursuing my degree in Interactive Telecommunications at NYU and expanding my skills in AR&VR design and virtual production. I've previously worked at Sony Music-Colombia Records, TikTok, and Xiaomi Technology.

    During my undergraduate studies at Tsinghua University, I gained valuable experience in user experience and creative coding. Since then, I've shifted my focus to prototyping in the virtual world, where I can bring my creative visions to life with endless possibilities.

    Outside of work, you can find me with a camera in hand, capturing the essence of my friends and the world around me. For me, photography isn't just about taking pictures, but about creating connections with the people and things that inspire me.

Hi I am Yilin Zhang!