Arduino, Touch designer, Projection mapping

My Role

Background researcher, Concept designer, Prototype designer, Visual designer, Animator

Collaborator: TongHua


"Peep" is an interactive installation based on the novel "Plum in the Golden Vase" set in the Ming Dynasty. It offers a 3D spatial experience of the story through different dimensions, allowing users to "peep" into various scenarios.
The project aims to immerse viewers in the story's development and reveal the culture of "peeping" in ancient China.

Project description


"Peep" is a common action in narrative works, and the novel "Plum in the Golden Vase" takes the use of "peep" as a narrative perspective to the extreme. The action of "peep" plays a crucial role in the novel's narrative space-building and characterization. It drives the development of the story and embodies the struggle between human nature and power.

"Peep" also causes a change of positions between those who peep and those who are peeped. This action reveals the struggle between desire for sexual ardor and depression of the impulse. The "Peep" culture in China, as revealed in the novel, has been entrenched in Chinese society since ancient times due to the top-down power structure and social system, as well as the ubiquitous barriers to accessing information. For instance, people who are deprived of the right to know "peep" for money, higher status, emotional security, and positions of control. To optimize the project, it is essential to highlight the educational and cultural significance of the experience and promote it as a unique and thought-provoking way to learn about Chinese literature and culture.

What we do
We created an interactive installation that offers a unique narrative text experience of the Plum in the Golden Vase, combining the cultural significance of "peeping" with technology.

By putting viewers in the shoes of the characters, they can experience the plots and narrative space in an immersive way, fostering reflection on the culture and psychology behind it.

Our hope is that the installation will provide a deeper understanding of the novel and the culture it represents.


Material preparation and construction

To create a more immersive experience for users, we utilized a three-layer projection screen and LCD screen combination for our interactive installation . The installation takes the form of a marketplace map from the Song dynasty, and the projection screen displays the marketplace and outdoor scenes from that era, while the LCD screen presents the indoor scenes viewed by the peeper.

This combination of screens enhances the stereoscopic effect of the device and creates a more realistic experience for the user.

Three windows

To enhance the interactivity of the device, we have designed three windows in the projection screen which allow the audience to "peep" into the presented indoor scene. This feature adds to the immersive experience of the installation and enables the audience to become active participants in the narrative.


The device utilizes an ultrasonic sensor located at the bottom to receive switch signals. As the audience approaches the window, the projection screen, which shows the marketplace map of the Song dynasty, transforms into the outdoor scene of the peeped room. Simultaneously, the LCD screen displays the indoor dynamic scene of the peeped room. With the help of TouchDesigner, we have achieved simultaneous control of the projector and LCD screen switching by the ultrasonic sensors under the window. Additionally, the switching of scenes triggers different styles of background music to enhance the overall experience.

User experience process

Visual design

Animation reference: <The Map of Visiting to Jianghan District of Ming dynasty with Qiu Ying’s drawing style>  <Hu Yefo < the secret opera of plum in the Golden Vase >

Final work