Daily practise and commercial work

Unreal scene practise

Freak Things:

My Role:
Concept designer, Scene designer, 3D Modeling, Mocap,

Unreal, Cinema 4D, Motion capture/Optitrack, Motion builder, Touch OSC

Collaborate with
Derek Chan; Yong

We created a video for our friend's song "Freaking Things" using the style of "Lovecraft," the master of horror literature. In homage to Lovecraft's work, which features new horrors that stimulate the deep imagination of the viewer, a vague world view of reality and fantasy, and quaint, dreary images, we subverted his old ideas and asked sharp questions about the reality of fear we face in today's world.

View video link here

web design/ux/ui

Framing Chinese CivilizationDuring my internship, I played an uxui designer in the website design for "Framing Chinese Civilization: The Vision of Liang Sicheng." My responsibilities included collaborating with developers to enhance the online exhibition with better interactivity and immersion, designing visual elements for the platform, optimizing the web wireframe, and improving the user experience. Additionally, I actively participated in brainstorming sessions to contribute to the overall development of the online exhibition.

View website link here

Xiao Qi Home Manager is an online assistance platform which is based on home shopping scenarios. Designed for 7-Fresh supermarket which is an offline fresh food supermarket of Jingdong.

As a UX/UI designer, I contributed to the user interface design, interaction design, and user experience optimization, and background researcher. Our goal was to solve common pain points in shopping for users and to promote stronger family relationships by improving the shopping experience.

The Chinese New Year Painting Battle is a web mini-game, for which I designed the game interface and the game interaction process.

Oil painting

just for fun!