Come on, Portion


Untiy, Oculus 2

My Role

Concept, Scene designer, Unity developer, UIUX designer


Come Portion is a VR experience created using Unity and Oculus Quest 2.
The project aims to explore the combination of visual cues through lighting and VR interaction interfaces in a single-player game experience.
It serves as an attempt to investigate how these elements can work together seamlessly.

Project description

My game is themed "Magic and Witches". Users need to follow the prompts from the indoor lighting and interface to complete the potion-making process. Initially, I used hand tracking as I did not require teleportation, and users only needed to observe the environment within a stationary viewpoint to complete the interaction. However, hand tracking was too insensitive, so I switched to using controllers later on.

Main page to game level

3D  menu & liquid shader

UI panel

Object move through path

Object/level selection

Button trggier event

UI panel

Game level